Wood-look Tile Master Shower / Bath Remodel

On this master bath remodel, our clients needed more storage and wanted a larger shower. We removed the tub and installed a walk-in shower. They selected the wood-look tile and they corroborated with our tile setter to install them on-end which is really a neat look. Our cabinet maker built them a large linen cabinet [...]

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Eagle Accessible Walk or Roll-in Shower

We remodeled this bathroom with the future potential accessible needs of our client. The shower floor was recessed to allow for curbless access. The toilet room was enlarged to allow for at least a walker access. The homeowner had recently installed new tile on the bath floor so our tile setter had to blend in [...]

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The story behind drywall mud globs

Clients often complain that globs of drywall mud are left on the floors of their projects. Having seen this phenomena myself, I had to ask why they aren't cleaned up right away. The answer made sense. They are much harder to clean up when they are wet. Once they dry, you can virtually pick them [...]

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Our Personal Remodel

After 15 years of planning, Bill and I finally took our own advice and updated our 1985 home. The process helped us truly understand what our clients have been going through the last 27 years. In general, we are remodeling the main and upper floors of our home. That means we lived in our basement [...]

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