Fabulous master makeover

On this project, our clients had an extremely large closet and an extremely small master bathroom. We incorporated quite a bit of the master closet into the master bath area to give them this gorgeous new master bath. A window was added for additional light. Because the master closet had been an addition at some point in time, we had to install a large beam to support the roof system to get the results our clients wanted.

East Boise Master Bath Remodel

It is hard to imagine the before and after in the below photo collage because so much was done to achieve this, but in reality the after photo is taken from approximately the same doorway location and direction as the after photo.


We had quite a time drilling holes through the glass tiles for the shower fixtures and the shower door, so if you’re interested in this type of glass tile be sure to take into consideration how the shower door will be hung and make sure there is support behind the tile.

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