The story behind drywall mud globs

Clients often complain that globs of drywall mud are left on the floors of their projects. Having seen this phenomena myself, I had to ask why they aren’t cleaned up right away. The answer made sense. They are much harder to clean up when they are wet. Once they dry, you can virtually pick them right off the floor. At this stage of a project, it doesn’t make much sense to do a thorough clean up every night because the drywallers will be back usually the next day to start sanding anyway (if the mud has dried). Sanding is an extremely messy process. Best to just close your eyes and wait till the “dust settles” before worrying too much about cleaning at this point. We supply an “air scrubber” on our projects that our guys turn on during the drywall sanding stage to “help” with the dust.

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